Ongoing Projects: Road


  • Supervision Consultancy for construction of road between Fayzabad – Eshkashim (43 km)[Fayzabad - Behrak] (ADB funded)
  • Detailed Engineering Design (DED), Project Management and Supervision Consultancy Services for Rehabilitation of Doshi-Pol E Khomri existing Road.
  • Construction Supervision of Jabul Saraj-Nijrab Road Project (ADB funded)


  • Consulting Services for Construction Supervision of Purbachal Link Road from Kanchan Bridge to Progotisoroni (Kuril) Package No – 01, Lot No – 01 (Chainage – 0+000 km to 06+380 km), Package No – 1, Lot No – 2 (Chainage – 06+854 km to 11+950 km) under Purnbachal New Town Project. (Remaining work)
  • Providing Consulting Services for Detailed Design, Supervision and Monitoring for the Construction of Road, Bridge and Culverts of Madani Avenue (from ProgotiSarani Intersection to Balu River)