Agro-Socio-Economic Studies

In the field of Agro-Socio-Economic Studies, SARM's related technical man-power are well conversant with various stages of conceptualization and implementation of data-based field research including preparation, pre-testing and finalization of Questionnaire, training of staff conducting the field surveys, sampling of villages, pre-census of households, data collection from primary and secondary sources, data processing and analysis, tabulation and preparation of reports.

 Completed Studies under this Sector include:

  • Consultancy Services for Mathematical Modelling for Safe Drinking Water Sources Identification at 148 Pourashavas under DPHE.
  • Re-settlement Plan & Socio-Economic Survey of Project Affected Peoples (PAPs) of the By-passes and Re-alignment under Second Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project.
  • Benchmark Socio-Economic Survey under FCD-IV Project and FCD-III Project.
  • Socio-Economic Survey for Evaluation Studies of Karnafuli Irrigation Project.
  • Shaheednagar Socio-Economic Survey for Housing Development.
  • Preparation of Feasibility Studies under Phase I, II & III of 100 Thana Intensive Rural WorkProgramme.
  • South West Rural Development Project (RWP component)
  • Analysis of Benchmark survey data under Extension Research Project in North Western Region of Bangladesh.
  • Integrated Agricultural Development Project in Kushtia, Jessore and Northern Faridpur District.
  • Benchmark Survey on Coconut and Study of the Assessment of credit requirement for coconut cultivation.
  • Study on land mortgaged to private money-lenders in 3 Thanas of Noakhali District.
  • Survey of Farmer's Attitude towards HYV/Improved Cereal Seeds in 6 Thanas of Khulna Division.