Roads & Highways

In Roads and Highways Sector, SARM has earned reputation by working both at home and abroad.

Abroad - Afghanistan:

SARM has already entered into international sphere of Consultancy Services. Recently, SARM has been engaged by the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for Consultancy Services for two prestigious projects for preparation of detailed engineering design and bidding documents; assistance to the executing agency during procurement process and award of Contracts; project management and supervision of works during implementation. The prestigious projects are:

  • Supervision Consultancy for construction of road between Fayzabad – Eshkashim (43 km)[Fayzabad - Behrak](ADB funded)
  • 51 km, Rehabilitation of Doshi-Pol-E-Khomri Existing Road (IDB funded)
  • 34 km long Andkhoy – Aquina Road (IDB funded)
  • Construction Supervision of JabulSaraj-Nijrab Road Project (ADB funded)

Home - Bangladesh:

SARM has provided consultancy services for several major, internationally financed road projects of the Roads and Highways Department of the Government of Bangladesh (GOB), apart from feasibility and sector studies for rural road network under the Ministry of LGRD &Co operatives, DANIDA and ILO. In this sector, SARM has undertaken field surveys, investigations, embankment and pavement design of roads, preparation of estimates, technical specifications, tender documents and standard laboratory tests followed by full time supervision of construction works including supervision during maintenance period.

Pride road projects under the Roads and Highways Department are:

  • Consultancy Services for Strengthen of Link Road from Dhaka Trunk Road to BaizidBostami Road including Design of Loop Road along the outer periphery of AUW’s Land at Chittagong.
  • Providing Consulting Services for Detailed Design, Supervision and Monitoring for the Construction of Road, Bridge and Culverts of Madani Avenue (from ProgotiSarani Intersection to Balu River)
  • Sylhet-Tamabil-Jaflong Road Improvement Project. (Sylhet Town Bypass with Link to Sylhet-Fenchuganj Road) (KFAED funded)
  • Road Condition Assessment Works of RHD Road Network for the year 2003-2004, 2007-2008 and 2008-2009; (GOB funded)
  • Rehabilitation of Dhaka-Sylhet Road (259km long (259km long); (IDA funded)
  • Dhaka Urban Transport Project (DUTP), Dhaka city; (IDA funded)
  • Sylhet-Tamabil-Jaflong Road (61 km long) Improvement Project; (KFAED funded)
  • Khulna Bypass Road (17km long) under Rupsa Bridge Construction Project; (GOB  funded)
  • 61 km rehabilitation of Dhaka-Aricha Highway Project including construction of 1 new bridge, rehabilitation and repair of 53 bridges and 2 nos. box culverts; (DANIDA financed)
  • Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project (Phase I) comprising of rehabilitation of 136 km of National Highways and periodic maintenance of 110 km of Regional Highways; (IDA financed)
  • Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project (Phase II) comprising of 156 km of Rehabilitation of National Highways and periodic maintenance of 60km of Regional Highways; (IDA financed)
  • Strengthening of Pavement Works of Feni By Pass Road (29 km); (World Bank financed)
  • 35 km Khulna Mongla Road Project (ADB financed);
  • Pre-investment Study of 204 km of roads under Second Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project (IDA financed) ; and
  • Road Safety Measures on National and Regional Roads, all over Bangladesh; (NDF funded)

Categories of roads include national and regional highways and rural roads.

  • Apart from the Roads and Highways Department of GOB, SARM has rendered consultancy services to the following agencies in this Sector:
  • DANIDA: survey and investigation works for 800 km of rural roads, including assessment of general conditions of road, road geometry, traffic counts both on normal and on week/market days etc.
  • ILO : investigation, planning and survey for improvement and upgrading of 4469 km of road in 15 Upazilas of Dhaka, Sylhet and Rajshahi Districts.
  • Ministry of LGRD and Co-operatives: feasibility studies under Phase I, II & III of IRWP, planning survey and design of 93 km of rural roads in Madarganj and SharishabariUpazilas of Jamalpur District, 51 km of rural roads in Pakundia and Hossainpur Thana of Mymensingh district and 661 km of rural road in Raozan and Fatickchari Thana of Chittagong District.